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지역별_언어별 분류결과
Type Foreign Educational Institutions Foreign Schools Jeju International School
Applicable Law
  • Enforcement Decree of the Special Act on Establishment and operation of Foreign Educational Institutions
  • Article 60-2 of the Primary and Secondary Education Act
  • Regulations about Establishment and Operation of Foreign Schools and Kindergartens
  • Article 16 of the Early Children Education Act
  • Special Act on the establishment of Jeju Self-Governing Province and the Free Economic Zone
Qualifications for Establishment
  • Non-profit Foreign Schools Corporation
  • Foreigners
  • Non-profit Foreign Corporation
  • Domestic School Corporation
  • Nation
  • Jeju Self-governing Province
  • Domestic and Foreign Corporations (Including for-profit Corporations)
  • Attracting Investment by Improving Living conditions for Foreigner
  • Education for foreign children residing in Korea
  • Education for returning Korean students who have lived abroad
  • Improving People's foreign Language Skills and Cultivating Internationalized Professional Manpower
Eligible Areas of Establishment
  • Free Economic Zones
  • Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • Administrative City (Higher Education Institutions)
  • Base Districts inside the International Science and Business Belt
  • Enterprise Cities (Higher Education Institutions)
  • Saemangeum Area
  • Pyeongtaek-si
  • Nationwide
  • English Education City in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • Except Jeju Island

    Elementary/Secondary School: Provincial Superintendent of Education
    Higher Education Institutions: Minister of Education

  • Jeju Island

    Elementary/Secondary School: Jeju Superintendent of education
    Higher Education Institutions: Governor of Jeju

  • Superintendent of Education
  • Jeju Superintendent of Education
    - When a for-profit corporation establishes a school, the approval of the Minister of Education is required
Admission Qualifications
  • No requirements
  • Foreign Children
  • Koreans who have lived abroad for over 3 years
  • A naturalized child who are deemed difficult to proceed with studying in general elementary and secondary schools
  • No requirements
Rate of Domestic Admission
  • Elementary/Secondary School: 30% of Total Quota
    (May be increased up to 50% by the laws of city and province)
  • Higher Education Institutions : No limit
  • 30% of Students Quata
    (May be increased up to 50% by the laws of city and province)
  • No Limit
Settlement Surplus Transfer
  • Not allowed
  • Not allowed
  • Not allowed
Establishment and operation status
    [Elementary/Secondary Schools (2)]
  • Chadwick International School Songdo
  • Daegu International School

  • [Higher Education (5)]
  • SUNY Korea, SBU
  • SUNY Korea, FIT
  • George Mason University Korea
  • The University of Utah Asia Campus
  • Ghent University Global Campus
  • Foreign Kindergartens (1)
  • Foreign Schools (38)
  • KIS High School
  • NLCS Jeju
  • Branksome Hall Asia
  • SJA Jeju