International School Information

Summary of service

  • What is “Foreign Educational Institutions and Foreign Schools Comprehensive Introduction Service”?

    It’s a homepage containing general information about foreign educational institutions and schools that operate foreign educational curriculums, with purpose to help foreigners and those who wish to pursue foreign educational courses in Korea to obtain helpful information easily and conveniently.

  • What kind of information does general guide provide?

    We put our utmost effort to provide parents and students with detailed and correct information about schools that operate foreign educational curriculums. The schools include foreign educational institutions authorized by the Korean government, foreign schools and kindergartens and the information given consist of each school’s policy, curriculum, total students, total teaching staffs, financial status, graduates’ career path, etc. You may find detailed categories in “School Information” section. In addition, we are also providing information about Jeju International School where you can find out more about specialized classes for returning students in the related website.

  • What are foreign educational institutions and foreign schools?

    • Foreign educational institutions : It is referring to an educational institutions established in Korea by the state, local autonomous government, or non-profit foundation that have established and operated a kindergarten, elementary, secondary, or higher educational institution in a foreign country under the pertinent foreign laws or regulations, with the approval of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Korea.
    • Foreign schools : Schools established in Korea with purpose to provide foreign education for foreign children residing in Korea. Korean students who have lived over 3 years outside of Korea can also be admitted under certain percentage limit.
    • Jeju International School : Aiming to improve foreign language efficiency and cultivate globalized professionals, this is a school authorized by the Jeju superintendent of education established in Jeju Global Education City. Jeju International School may be established as kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school and courses may operate with consolidated or integrated curriculums.
  • In what circumstances do I see schools advertising as Foreign Schools or Foreign Educational Institutions but are nowhere to be seen in “Foreign Educational Institutions and Foreign Schools Comprehensive Introduction Service”?

    Comprehensive Introduction Service provides information about all schools within Korea that operate foreign educational curriculums authorized by the government. Therefore, schools that advertise as Foreign Schools or Foreign Educational Institutions but are not shown in the Comprehensive Introduction Service are unauthorized facilities. As unauthorized facilities are not official schools, they are out of supervision of the Ministry of Education and Board of Education. Therefore it is difficult to obtain appropriate compensation should there be any illegitimate operations or sudden shutdowns of the schools.