About the service

  • 1What is the Comprehensive Information Service on Foreign Educational Institutions and Foreign Schools?

    This is a homepage providing overall information on foreign educational institutions, foreign schools and other institutions that operate foreign educational courses. It’s purpose is to help foreigners staying in Korea and domestic residents that have interests in foreign educational courses with easier and convenient use of pertinent information.

  • 2What type of information does the Comprehensive Information Service provide?

    The Comprehensive Information Service is committed to providing as much detailed and accurate information as possible to satisfy parents and students on schools that operate foreign educational programs. Schools subject to information provision are foreign educational institutions, foreign schools, foreign kindergartens and so forth, as established by permission of the Korean government, and the information provided includes school rules, curriculum, number of students, status of school site and land, number of faculty members, and status of career for graduated students. Detailed information can be found in the 'Notice category’ (hyperlink with ‘information notification category').
    While the system is improved, information on Jeju International School will be added. Also, if you visit the related site category, there is web-service containing information on special classes for returning students. (hyperlink for ‘web-service containing information on special classes for returning students’).

  • 3What kind of schools are included as “foreign educational institutions and foreign schools”?

    (1) Foreign educational institutions : These are educational institutions established in Korea by national or local governments or non-profit organizations with the approval of the Minister of Education, and which operate kindergarten, elementary, middle, and higher educational institutions under foreign laws and regulations of a foreign country.
    (2) Foreign schools : These are schools that are established to provide education for the children of foreigners staying in Korea by their own countries. In cases with domestic residents returning to Korea after residing in a foreign country for three years or longer may be admitted within certain ratios of the full capacity of students.
    (3) Jeju International School : This is a school established in Jeju English Education City with the approval of the Superintendent of Education in Jeju. Its purpose is to improve public foreign language fluency and develope globalized professionals human resources. Jeju International School may be established with kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school and respective school courses may be consolidated or integrated for operation.
    (4) Special classes for returning students : This is a special class established in general schools in order to help students returning after residing overseas to amicably adapt to domestic school life.

  • 4If the school in question has advertised itself as a foreign school, foreign university or foreign primary or secondary school, but has no information on the Comprehensive Information Service, what type of school would that be?

    The Comprehensive Information Service provides information on all schools that have acquired government permission for the schools to operate foreign educational courses after establishing a school in Korea. Therefore, any schools that advertise themselves as an educational institution granting degrees as a foreign school, the Korean campus of a foreign university, or granting degrees of a foreign university, or institutions teaching primary and secondary education, which have no information on the Comprehensive Information Service, would be an unlicensed institution. Unlicensed facilities are not regular schools in that they are outside of the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Board of Education for the city or province where the school is located, and it is difficult to obtain appropriate relief if there is any problem of illegitimate school operation or sudden closure and so forth.